Debra K. Gaines

Author, Teacher, Speaker, Apostolic Prayer Coordinator, and Certified Prayer Minister

Debra K. Gaines


As an author God has given Debra a unique perspective to write what Heaven is saying, purposed to bring healing and hope to our generation.

Prophetic Artist

Debra K. Gaines’s paintings are a direct result and inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the “Word of the Lord” that has been given to her about a person, region, or situation.

Teacher and Speaker

With a heart to see people set free, Debra is available for virtual and in-person events from podcasts to conferences.

Certified Prayer Minister

Debra works to train and relationally network believers in strategic-level spiritual warfare and to mobilize initiatives.

Tempting Textures

Rich colors and textures on canvas tell inspired stories of God’s empowering love. These are just a peek!
Visit the art gallery for more prophetic art by Debra K. Gaines.

Detail of "He leads me beside still water"
Detail of "Free to Dance"
Detail of "Fearfully Made"
Detail of "The Altar"

You are Purposed
for His Glory

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Testimonials for Power of the Red Shoes book by Debra K. Gaines

This book takes us all on a journey of growth, strength, and courage that resides in each of us. As Dorothy faces her challenges and choices.  We embark with  Dorothy on the adventure her to find her way back home.

Pat Keene

Power of the Red Shoes

“I bought this book last year for Christmas gifts, ages from 15 years old, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 90. Every person enjoyed it. I absolutely enjoyed and learned how to have a simple relationship with my father God. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.”

Stacie B

Power of the Red Shoes

I’ve always been a visual learner and this book paints such beautiful word pictures. Debbie takes the beloved movie of the Wizard of Oz and spins it. She teaches from the movie as one would use parables. And the poetry that flows from the book is just plain beautiful! The shoes are more than the hero of the book. If you have areas that need healing, this book will definitely take you on the journey toward deliverance and wholeness.

Susan M.

Power of the Red Shoes

I really enjoyed reading this allegory influenced by the Wizard of Oz. It is a multifaceted read mixing poetry, fun and insight wrapped up in profound truths. I highly recommend it!

The Putnams

Power of the Red Shoes