Power of the Red Shoes

Book Cover: Power of the Red Shoes by Debra K. Gaines

Power of the Red Shoes

Power of the Red Shoes, the first book by Debra K. Gaines, is a fun (but powerful) allegory based on inspiration from Holy Spirit and The Wizard of Oz.

Does this world sometimes feel like an unfamiliar land with no way out? The leading lady from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy Gale, has been in your shoes—or ruby slippers. In Power of the Red Shoes, Debra Gaines uses the classic film to explore practical, biblical truths from the Gospel of Christ.

Like Dorothy’s valuable shoes, the Blood of Jesus covers our feet in victory and protection and gives us authority to step into our purpose. Through this inspirational and allegorical guide to spiritual growth, discover how a mindset of positivity can lead to success as you overcome life’s challenges.

Just as Dorothy had guidance, you are not alone on your journey. Now is your time to walk boldly down the yellow brick road of life and reach your goals. Find encouragement and inspiration in this exciting take on the adventure of the Christian life.

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This delightful and easy-to-read book is perfect for:

  • your own devotional time
  • gifts for friends and family
  • a token of encouragement and appreciation to the ministry team at your church
  • as teaching material for small groups, workshops, and special events

This book takes us all on a journey of growth, strength, and courage that resides in each of us. As Dorothy faces her challenges and choices.  We embark with  Dorothy on the adventure her to find her way back home.

Pat Keene

Power of the Red Shoes

“I bought this book last year for Christmas gifts, ages from 15 years old, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 90. Every person enjoyed it. I absolutely enjoyed and learned how to have a simple relationship with my father God. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.”

Stacie B

Power of the Red Shoes

I’ve always been a visual learner and this book paints such beautiful word pictures. Debbie takes the beloved movie of the Wizard of Oz and spins it. She teaches from the movie as one would use parables. And the poetry that flows from the book is just plain beautiful! The shoes are more than the hero of the book. If you have areas that need healing, this book will definitely take you on the journey toward deliverance and wholeness.

Susan M.

Power of the Red Shoes

I really enjoyed reading this allegory influenced by the Wizard of Oz. It is a multifaceted read mixing poetry, fun and insight wrapped up in profound truths. I highly recommend it!

The Putnams

Power of the Red Shoes